What To Expect During an Audiologist Visit

When you are having difficulty hearing, it is probably time for a visit to an audiologist. Dr. Kathryn McGee, Dr. Kelly Long, and Dr. Joi Murray of the Carolina Hearing Institute offer hearing services at all of their offices, including Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC.

Medical History

Like any first-time medical visit, you will need to fill out forms that detail your current medical health and your medical history. You will need to give the doctor a detailed list of all the medications you are taking and any medical procedures you have had. If you have a family history of hearing loss, it helps to let the doctor know that there may be a genetic component to any difficulties with hearing you are having.

Examination and Discussion

The audiologist will want to take a look at your ears. Sometimes the loss of hearing you are suffering from can be caused by something as simple as earwax or an ear infection. You should also be prepared to discuss exactly what type of hearing loss you are worried about. Do you have difficulty with certain pitched sounds or is it difficult to follow conversations when there are lots of other sounds? The more information you share, the easier it is to determine what exactly is going on. 

Hearing Test

Now it is time to take the hearing test. You will go into a soundproof booth and will be exposed to a variety of sounds and pitches. You will let the tester know when you can hear the sounds. The sounds will be changed to go along with the answers you give to help your audiologist determine what exactly you can hear and what you can't. 

Discuss The Results

Once the testing is over, the results will be discussed with you by our audiologist and suggestions may be made about how to treat the condition. If a hearing aid is being suggested, you will need to have a visit to discuss the types of hearing aids available and costs, etc. Once you have decided if you will benefit from a hearing aid, a mold will be made for your ear so that your hearing aid will be personalized to you. Finally, you will come in for your fitting and to hear the improvement in your hearing.

Dr. McGee, Dr. Long, and Dr.Murray of Carolina Hearing Institute are audiologists in Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC. If you need help with your hearing, give us a call at (803) 736-3277 to make an appointment.

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