• Your Hearing Aids Options
    Suffering from hearing loss? Drs. Kathryn McGee, Kelly Long, and Joi Murray at Carolina Hearing Institute of Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC can help you choose the best Read more
  • Tinnitus and Hearing Loss: Exploring the Connection and Treatment Options
    Tinnitus and Hearing Loss: Exploring the Connection and Treatment Options Tinnitus, often called ringing-in-the-ears, is a common hearing problem. According to the CDC, over 50 million people in the United States Read more
  • What To Expect During an Audiologist Visit
    When you are having difficulty hearing, it is probably time for a visit to an audiologist. Dr. Kathryn McGee, Dr. Kelly Long, and Dr. Joi Murray of the Carolina Hearing Institute offer hearing services at Read more
  • Choosing the Right Hearing Aids
    Hearing aids are small electronic devices designed to improve hearing abilities by amplifying and delivering sound directly to the ear. These devices can benefit people of all ages who experience Read more
  • When to See an Audiologist
    Hearing problems are more common than you may realize, they can affect many people, regardless of their age. If you think there is something wrong with the way you hear Read more
  • When to Visit an Audiologist
    Do you know when it’s time to visit an Audiologist? Columbia, and Lugoff, SC area residents are lucky to have Dr. Kathryn McGee, Dr. Kelly Long, and Dr. Joi Murray Read more
  • Should I Worry About My Hearing? How to Tell if You Are at Risk
    Your ENT specialist in Columbia, and Lugoff, SC, can help when you are experiencing hearing loss Hearing loss can sneak up on you. You might first notice you need to turn Read more
  • What Causes Hearing Loss?
    If you’re suffering from hearing loss in Columbia and Lugoff, SC, let Dr. Kelly Long, Dr. Joi Murray, and Dr. Kathryn McGee at the Carolina Hearing Institute help you find Read more
  • Signs & Symptoms of Tinnitus
    How your audiologists in Columbia, and Lugoff, SC, can help when you have tinnitus Do you suffer from ringing in your ears? If so, it’s a common condition also known as Read more
  • What Are the First Signs of Tinnitus?
    If you have been experiencing ringing in your ears or hearing loss, you may be suffering from what is known as tinnitus. You can get help from the otolaryngology team Read more
  • Main Types of Hearing Aids
    Dr. Kathryn McGee and Dr. Kelly Long at Carolina Hearing Institute in Lugoff, Sumter, and Columbia, SC, can answer your questions about the main types of hearing aids and help Read more
  • Why Oticon Is the Best Choice for You
    Oticon is a pioneer in the hearing aid industry. Find out how their hearing aids could help you hear better. When it comes to being able to socialize and talk with Read more
  • Tinnitus Awareness
      Facts about Tinnitus The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 15% of the general public — over 50 million Americans — experience some form of tinni-tus. Roughly 20 million people Read more
  • When You Should Visit Audiologist
    Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing impairments, but they can also help with other ear-related issues. Additional conditions treated by audiologists include vertigo and other balance disorders, as well as tinnitus, Read more
  • Using Hearing Protection
    People don’t usually think about how seemingly minor daily noises could affect their hearing. In reality, besides leading to hearing loss, constant noise could likewise be related to other risks Read more
  • Causes of Hearing Loss in Children
    Hearing loss can affect children in several areas, including communication and learning. The good news is there are many ways to treat hearing loss in children. The best approach to Read more

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