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Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss impacts almost 50 million Americans. This statistic from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) startles people who may notHearing aid realize how prevalent the problem is or that it may impact them personally. At Carolina Hearing Institute in Columbia and Lugoff, our otolaryngologists and audiologists uncover and treat the reasons behind hearing problems and prescribe state of the art help to counter them.


Causes of hearing loss

Reduced hearing and the ability to decipher different sounds in crowded environments (presbycusis) happens to most people as they age. Additionally, infection, prenatal, and genetic influences, exposure to loud noise, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke and hypertension lead to sudden or gradual hearing problems. Even some prescription drugs are ototoxic, or harmful to the nerves which help conduct sound to the brain for processing.


Treatments for hearing loss

The Hearing Loss Association of America says that most people experiencing symptoms of hearing loss usually wait an average of seven years before receiving a physical examination and/or hearing test by a licensed audiologist in Columbia and Lugoff. The delay contributes to a myriad of problems, including social isolation, withdrawal, depression, and even dementia and other kinds of cognitive deterioration.

When you do decide to seek treatment, you'll find Dr. Katie McGee and Dr. Jason Wigand can accurately pinpoint your loss. Then, your treatment will depend on the type and extent of the problem.

Most individuals with age- and noise-related sensorineural loss do well with hearing aids. Others may need surgery to correct a bone defect in the middle ear or a problem with the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. State of the art cochlear implants actually restore some auditory signals to the brain in people who have a severe bone defect or even nerve-related loss.


Take the first step

It's so important to act on your hearing problem. At South Carolina ENT and Carolina Hearing Institute you can receive the treatment you need from your audiologist and improve your quality of life, social interactions, and frame of mind. Contact one of our four convenient locations in the South Carolina Midlands in Columbia and Lugoff, SC, to speak with a hearing specialist today. Then, book a consultation. Hear what you've been missing! Phone (803) 424-2208.

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