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Which Hearing Aid Type Is Right for You?

Hearing AidsIs your child experiencing hearing loss? Just ask your Lugoff and Columbia, SC, audiologists.

An estimated 35 million children and adults in the United States have a hearing loss, according to Drs. Kathryn McGee and Kaitlin Dougherty Prizzia. Untreated hearing loss is embarrassing and causes social stress, tension and fatigue.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss (according to the CDC):

  • Isn't startled from loud noises and does't turn to the source of a sound after 6 months of age

  • Delayed, or unclear speech

  • Does not follow directions, or respond to their name, which is mistaken for not paying attention, or just ignoring

  • Hears some sounds but not others, and turns TV volume up too high

Your Lugoff and Columbia audiologists determines the best course of action by conducting comprehensive hearing evaluations, such as tinnitus evaluations, hearing aid fittings (a time to orient to new hearing aid), hearing aid checks (usually scheduled every six months), and hearing aid evaluations to ask questions and discuss expectations.

Hearing aids are designed to improve hearing. The goal of amplifying sounds at specific frequencies where there's hearing loss can improve overall quality of life, such as the listening environment, especially when you're placed in a noisy place. Hearing aids amplify sound to make speech more intelligible, ease communication so it's less tiring, and preserve nerve networks in the brain.

Types of Hearing Aids:

There is a variety of hearing aids that are rechargeable, have android and i-phone compatibility, automated programming to ease use, discreet, remote programming and suitable for patients with an active, casual, and/or quiet lifestyle.

Here are a few:

  • Behind-the-ear
  • Receiver-in-canal
  • Middle ear implant
  • In-the-canal
  • In-the-ear
  • Extended wear

Hearing loss is difficult to deal with, but you don't have to be alone. The audiologists at Lugoff, SC, and serving Columbia, SC, can help you deal with your hearing loss dilemmas and improve your way of life by offering different types of hearing aids.

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