Why Oticon Is the Best Choice for You

Oticon is a pioneer in the hearing aid industry. Find out how their hearing aids could help you hear better.

When it comes to being able to socialize and talk with loved ones, nothing is more important than investing in your hearing. If you are struggling to understand those around you, a hearing aid can give you a new lease on life and help you reconnect with family and friends. Your audiologists Dr. Kathryn McGee and Dr. Kelly Long are proud to offer Oticon hearing aids in Lugoff, Sumter, and Columbia, SC.

What makes Oticon hearing aids different? 

Oticon offers a variety of unique benefits that other hearing options may not. Some of these features include:

  • Preserved Speech Cues: Your ears are hearing more than just what the person next to you is saying. They also hear the whoosh of the ceiling fan, the birds chirping outside, or the refrigerator running. However, your brain is the one that sorts out the speech cues from the other sounds. Unfortunately, hearing loss due to age can impact these cues. Other hearing aids simply ramp up the volume on sounds in general, which means that you might hear the fridge running better than you hear the person talking next to you. The Oticon hearing aids that we offer in Lugoff, Sumter, and Columbia, SC, use BrainHearing™ technology to selectively amplify sounds to preserve these speech cues. This results in being able to process more natural speech.
  • They are Long Lasting: We offer a wide range of Oticon hearing aids that range in shape, size, and features, but all are packed with amazing, state-of-the-art technology. You can get everything from a device that fits behind your ear to one that is custom-made to fit inside your ear, so no one sees it. They are built to last and to handle your day-to-day routine. They are also a great option for active individuals.
  • They Can Address All Hearing Issues: From deafness in one ear to mild hearing loss, Oticon products are able to help patients dealing with a wide range of hearing loss challenges hear better and enjoy living life to the fullest. They even offer hearing aids for kids dealing with everything from mild to profound hearing loss. If you want to learn more about the Oticon hearing aid, we’d be happy to sit down with you to discuss your treatment options.

If you are interested in getting Oticon hearing aids from our Lugoff, Sumter, and Columbia, SC, locations, call Dr. McGee and Dr. Long at the Carolina Hearing Institute by dialing (803) 424-2208 to schedule a consultation with your audiologists.

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