What Causes Hearing Loss?

If you’re suffering from hearing loss in Columbia and Lugoff, SC, let Dr. Kelly Long, Dr. Joi Murray, and Dr. Kathryn McGee at the Carolina Hearing Institute help you find the best treatment options for your needs.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

The causes of hearing loss in patients that visit Dr. Long, Dr. Murray, and Dr. McGee at Carolina Hearing Institute can be wide and varied. However, the following are some of the most common causes patients experience. 

Buildup of Earwax

Sometimes, earwax can build up and temporarily block the ear canal. This often happens when people use Qtips in such a way that it pushes the wax down into the ear instead of pulling it out. 


As people age, it’s common to experience some level of hearing loss due to the decline in structure and function of the inner ear. Unfortunately, there is no known way to reduce age-related hearing loss, but it can often be slowed and devices can help. 


While not always the case, your genetics can play a role in your hearing. If you have family members that have experienced hearing loss, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your hearing and visit your doctor if you notice any changes. 

Noise-Induced Damage 

Loud noises can damage the inner ear. It can occur from a one-time occurrence, such as an explosion or a gunshot. However, it is often more common with long-term exposure, including everything from listening to music at high volumes through earbuds to loud noises at work.

Effects of Medication 

Some medications have proven to play a role in hearing loss. These include some chemotherapy medications, some antibiotics, and Viagra. 

Medical Issues 

Some medical problems can interfere with hearing, as well. These include everything from ear infections to Meniere’s disease. In fact, any illness that causes a high fever can damage the ear. 

Injury and Trauma 

If you take any type of hit to the head, you might experience hearing loss. This can include hits from sports accidents, falls, car accidents, and even blows to the head during a fight. 

Don’t just live with hearing loss. Make an appointment with Dr. Long, Dr. Murray, and Dr. McGee at the Carolina Hearing Institute in Columbia and Lugoff, SC by calling (803) 424-2208.

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