When to See an Audiologist

Hearing problems are more common than you may realize, they can affect many people, regardless of their age. If you think there is something wrong with the way you hear or with your ears themselves then it's time to see a hearing specialist. An audiologist is a doctor who specializes in hearing health, diagnosing and treating hearing issues, and recommending the appropriate treatment, along with the recommended aftercare. Below are outlines just a few reasons why you would want to visit an audiologist, but to learn more you can reach out directly to Dr. Kathryn McGee, Dr. Kelly Long, and Dr. Joi Murray of the Carolina Hearing Institute in Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC.

If You Are Having Trouble Hearing

If you are having to turn up the volume on the television to hear or are having difficulty communicating with others, if it seems like everyone is speaking too softly, chances are that the problem could be with your own hearing.

An audiologist may be able to help, they can treat your hearing loss with hearing aids, offering the device that's right for your needs and providing follow-up care and adjustments as required.

Removing excess ear wax buildup is another way that your audiologist can help you hear, whether you already have a hearing aid or not, they can do so safely right in the office.

There are other types of ear-related conditions, besides hearing loss, that can affect your everyday life that your audiologist can also help treat. One of the most common of these is tinnitus, which manifests with symptoms like ringing in your ears.

Checking Up on Your Hearing Health

You don't have to wait until there is something particularly wrong with your hearing or ears, regular hearing assessments can help your doctor provide you with early treatment for any issue that could arise.

Your audiologist can physically examine your ears and can check your hearing ability.

Audiologist in Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC

To arrange an appointment with an audiologist in Irmo, Columbia, Lugoff, Sumter, and Lexington, SC, you can dial 803-408-3277 to schedule a visit with Dr. McGee, Dr. Long, and Dr. Murray of the Carolina Hearing Institute.

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