Hearing Protection/ Swim Plugs

When should hearing protection be used?

Protection should be used to protect the ears from harmfully loud sounds or unwanted water.

What are some types of custom-fit ear plugs?

  • Swim plugs are
    • Used to protect the ear from water for people with tubes in their ears or who are prone to outer ear infections
    • Available in various colors
    • Customizable by taking earmold impressions
  • Personal listening earbuds are customized earbuds that work for music headsets like mp3 players and iPods.
  • Musician monitors allow musicians to monitor music and voice quality accurately during performances.
  • Hearing protection earplugs are available with different noise-filtering levels. These can be used for
    • Hunting
    • Music concerts
    • Noisy work conditions
    • Blocking out unwanted sound while sleeping
    • Loud environments
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