Oticon Hearing Aids

What you need to know about Oticon hearing aids

Hearing AidsChoosing a hearing aid can be a complicated process, but it’s an important one. If you are experiencing hearing loss and you choose not to wear a hearing aid, you run the risk of faster cognitive decline because you may withdraw from social activities that help to keep your brain stimulated. To maintain your full brain function as you age, it is vital to stay mentally engaged with the people around you. Your doctors at Carolina Hearing Institute, serving Columbia, South Carolina, are here to tell you about a revolutionary new hearing aid from Oticon.

What’s so special about Oticon? It has BrainHearing technology, allowing you to have a more natural hearing experience. This device has 30% more processing power, which supports how your brain processes the sounds you hear. Oticon’s processing system has the ability to change only the sounds that you aren’t hearing well to create a more natural hearing experience.

According to the makers of Oticon, some of the advancements in Oticon hearing aids include:

  • Soft Speech Booster, improving your understanding of soft speech by up to 20%
  • Speech Guard E, improving your ability to distinguish speech in noisy situations
  • Spatial Sound, improving your ability to tell where sound is coming from
  • YouMatic, allowing you to customize your hearing profile to fit your needs

The doctors at Carolina Hearing Institute want you to know Oticon hearing aids are customized to fit you, whether you are experiencing mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. They also come in many different styles including:

  • CIC (completely in the canal); fitting inside your ear canal
  • ITE (in the ear); fitting your entire outer ear, or just the lower part of your ear
  • BTE (behind the ear); hooking over the top of your ear, resting behind it

You can also customize your Oticon hearing aids by matching them to your hair color or skin tone.

Your doctors at Carolina Hearing Institute want you to have the best hearing possible with the best hearing aid available.

If you suffer from hearing loss, don’t miss out on your life!
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